Junge Spanier/innen gesucht für Interview - Looking for young spanish for an interview about their personal story in Berlin

Hi everyone,

I'm a young journalist looking for some feedback from spanish people coming to Berlin.
My intention is to write a story about your situation in Berlin as well as Spain. This article will be for a local newspaper and will be published with in the next weeks.

I'd like to know why you have chosen to come overhere particulary? How you feel being here and what you wanna do?

Who of you would be interested in a small interview (via E-Mail, telephone or personal), telling me your personal story and your experiences.

Looking forward to hearing from you. As sooner as better :)

Best wishes, Annika


Hallo zusammen,

Ich bin eine junge Journalistin auf der Suche nach Spanier und Spanierinnen, die gerade nach Berlin gekommen sind. Ich bin dabei einen Artikel über junge Spanier in der deutschen Hauptstadt zu schreiben, welcher in einer lokalen Zeitung in den nächsten Wochen veröffentlicht wird.

Gerne möchte ich über die Motivation von euch erfahren, warum ihr euch für Berlin entschieden habt? Wie geht es euch in Berlin? Was macht ihr? Wielange wollt ihr bleiben?

Wer mir bei meiner Geschichte helfen möchte, und mir seine persönliche Geschichte und Erfahrungsberichte erzählen mag, melde sich bitte umgehend.

Ich freue mich, von euch zu hören.
Viele Grüße


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ok, cuando llegue a Berlin conversamos...saludos

Yes, I'm talking about Berlin, but I unfortunately I don't speak spanish. If you don't mind, let's switch to German or English.

You can send me an email to blondeknolle@gmx.de and we can arrange a date for meeting up for an interview. I'm looking forward to meeting you. Have an ice weekend.

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I speak little English and I to Berlin to learn German. When I get to Berlin I write. Greetings. Susan

Hi Susan,

Great, I'm happy you want to talk with me. When will you be in Berlin?

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I hope that by the end of December

Ahh, okay :)

Well, actually that would be a little late for me, because I need to finish my article by the end of next week. But what about, if we do an interview via e-mail now, you can write me your answers also to my email: blondeknolle@gmx.de. If you want :)

My questions would be:
- why have you chosen Berlin and Germany?
- do you know anybody there?
- what has been your major reason leaving Spain now?
- what have you been doing in Spain (studies, job, experience etc)?
- what do you want to do in Berlin?
- what are your wishes/dreams/ visions for coming to Berlin?
- how long you want to stay?

Generally I would like to know: Where in Spain are you from? And how old are you?

These questions are a partly personal, so if you prefer, just send me an e-mail :)
Looking forward to your reply.

Good luck, Annika

Hello, me and a friend just came to Berlin to live. We still don't have a house to live so we spend a lot of time connected to our pc's searching and searching for some "roomsweetroom". Therefor, and just for changing my rutine, i'd like to respond to your interview questions and help a little with your work.

Should I just respond to the list you submitted right above?

All best,