Musical protest on 18th May, Brandenburger Tor

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Dear friends,

We would like to invite you to perform a musical protest against the actual social situation in Europe.

As you know, our politicians are putting a big effort in building a Europe in which there is freedom and facilities for interchanging goods and money among the EU countries, we have even a common currency, the euro. Unfortunately, the European politicians are not putting the same effort in building a Europe in which the PEOPLE have the same freedom as the GOODS or the MONEY.

Each country member has the right to expel EU-citizens from their country if they do not find a job or if they are poor. In the same way, some EU-citizens do not have the same right to get a free health treatment wherever they are in the EU.

What kind of Europe is this? Why are they building an EU in which the persons have fewer rights than the goods or the money? Was not the EU a concept for the people?

Imagine for a moment that in Italy a Sicilian woman is expelled from Lombardy because she cannot find a job or she is poor. Or that a Bavarian sick old man is rejected from a hospital in Berlin.

On the other hand, there is no problem to sell Italian oil made out of Spanish olives in Spain or to have a French investor buying a bank system in Belgium, or to have a state owned Swedish energy company forcing the eviction of German families to exploit a turf carbon mine in Germany.

Recently, the German government (CDU+SPD) has commissioned a report on how to fight against the abuse of the social help by EU-immigrants. They even have called it the “Socialtourism”. The report recommends expelling from the country any EU citizen if he or she is not able to find a job in 6 months or he or she is poor.


Independently if this is done or not, it gives a sign on where the German and European politicians are directing their efforts.

They are walking towards a dissociated Europe when it comes to the social and people’s rights, and walking very firmly to a very united Europa when it comes to the economics, companies and banking systems. Money yes, people no, this is not fair.

You don't belive me? You think I'm exagerating?

Check these graphs

The GDP per inhabitant in the Eurozone grows…

Source: eurostat

Eurozone is formed by the 18 countries with the euro, namely: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain

And the inequality grows too…

Source: eurostat

In other words, the rich people in Europe get richer and the poor and average people get poorer.

In Europe the difference between rich and poor is higher than ever.

And what are the politicians doing against this?

They put it in their campaign slogans, but when they are in the office they forget about this, it is just a lie, see the data and the kind of reports they commission.

For this reason we ask you to join us and come to play the European Hymn in a minor key. The European Hymn is a small and jovial part of the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, “Ode to joy” is called, Berlunes has made an arrangement that turns it into a sad piece, the “Ode to disjoy”. We would like if you come with your instrument or your voice and play this tune with us. We have made music sheets for you, see below.

We want to raise a voice against this Europe that only benefits the MONEY and forgets the PEOPLE.

The "ode to disjoy"

Please come and join us.



in Brandenburger Tor

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Please tell the musicians and your friends.

For more information please contact us:

Here are the music sheets of what we are playing.


This protest is a contribution to the European Days of Action 15 to 25th of May 2014


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